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The fruits of the ocean change day by day, week by week. Browse below or give us a call and we’ll guide you personally through what to buy now and what to buy next.


Fish of the week

Locally Landed Red Gurnard

Sizes from 500 Grams to 2kg!


Robust and Unique


Beautiful Red Sea Robins!

Outstanding quality for the next few months, The Red Gurnard is a exquisitely robust and versatile fish.

Not so long ago they were thrown back overboard or used as bait but in the past few years their unique game like texture and firm flesh is growing in popularity amongst the culinary elite.

Caught in nets by small day boats Gurnard is mainly landed in Brixham and Plymouth.

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St Austell Bay Deep Sea Mussels



Available in 2kg or 5kg nets

Grown offshore, the deep sea mussel thrive in the rich Gulf Stream around the Cornish coast.  This pioneering way of growing mussels means that they have inadvertently created a brand new aqua-culture which supports other marine life.

The clean water and nutrients ensures a perfect growing environment for the mussels.

After three years of patiently waiting the results are fantastic – impeccably large meats with beautiful clean black shells and a perfectly distinctive flavour.

Little to no prep required, these bad boys are near enough pan ready and quite simply the best the Cornish coast has to offer.

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Fully Traceable

Mainly landed in Plymouth, Brixham and Newlyn

Available sizes 2/3 Kilo - 3/4 Kilo - 4-6 Kilo and even 6+!

Turbot is now in season and is being landed regularly in Newlyn, Brixham and Plymouth.

Ranging in sizes of 2-8 kilos in size turbot is nick-named ‘The king of the sea’ and prized for it stunning taste and texture by all chefs.

A strong and powerful fish in the sea and on the plate, now is the best time to buy as its current availably is lowering the price!

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Cornish Line Caught Cod


Caught using sustainable methods

Available sizes ranges from 5kg to 10kg

The Cod prefer a cooler climate, and the cool waters off Cornish coast at this time of the year is the perfect location for these predatory fish.

In Cornwall Cod stocks have massively benefitted since the introduction of the ‘Cod Box’ which is a seasonally closed off area on the North Coast of Cornwall.

It was brought in by local Cornish fisherman to protect breeding stocks during the early spring breeding season.

Renowned for its versatility, the bright white flesh of the ‘Cornish Cod’ lends itself to a myriad of different dishes and styles.

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“I met Johnny as his first customer in Cornwall.  From that moment, he has not only been the most incredible fish merchant I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, but also a great friend  and an inspiration.  His knowledge for all things fish and general outlook on life, makes me smile”

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