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Flying Fish Seafoods has buyers in all of Cornwall’s major markets, giving us comprehensive information on the quality of seafood available each day.

As well as seasonal variations, the standard and availability of seafood is subject to environmental and oceanographic factors, meaning what is preferable to buy can vary from week to week. Our guide will help you choose the very best fish available in our local markets today.

Fish of the Month


half shell scallop


Cornish Hand-Line Mackerels 


A superb fish, great value, readily available and yet, amazingly underrated.

Ranging in size from 200g to 800g, Mackerel has a bullet shaped body with silvery-blue skin with dark wavy stripes.

One of the richest sources of Omega-3, Mackerel has greyish flesh with a rich flavour, which is best grilled, fried or barbequed. Also rumoured to improve brain power, fish fingers great idea for the little ones!


As with most oily fish, it is good for smoking, and makes a great pate.

While Herrings provide the best alternative, Mackerel is closely related to Tuna.


Also rumoured to improve brain power, fish fingers great idea for the little ones!



  • landed on the Day boats of Looe Cornwall/Newlyn
  • Full traceability
  • Sizes:  200-800gms 




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 Day Boat Cornish Plaice      

 The humble plaice has long been popular in the UK, although it is largely overlooked. Judged on its own merits, plaice is a superb fish possessing a fine, moist texture and subtle but distinctive flavour available from summer through to mid-winter (outside the spawning season) it is generally fleshier and tastier.

The jumbo plaice are starting to show now and are in superb condition, these are generally around 1-2kg.


  • Full traceability. 
  • Various sizes available 350/450g-4/600g-6/800g-800/1kg-1/2kg+













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Cornish Brill 1/2kg and 2kg +


We tend to buy the bigger fish when it comes to Brill. Brill is a very fine fish and some of the best examples land on British shores. Similar to turbot in having succulent, slightly sweet flesh, it benefits from being easier to prepare and a little less expensive than its illustrious cousin. Buying a 1.5kg brill will yield four reasonably sized fillets. Avoid small, immature fish (less than 1kg). Choose thicker brill with bright, un-sunken eyes.


  • Caught using sustainable methods
  • Full traceability
  • Availble sizes 1/2kg-2/4kg







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 Whole monkfish Tails 2-5 kg 

This fantastic product has been around for many years very popular in 1990s!

We source these large Monktails from Newlyn harbour and also Looe.

They are a great buy as they only have one small bone running through the middle. It has a wonderful texture of meatiness.

We buy them headless to save you money.

The Monkfish also know as a Anglerfish has a esca  in the centre of its head this acts as a lure to catch its prey normaly eaten whole due to its huge mouth.

  • Delicious texture 
  • Fully traceable
  • Available sizes Medium/Large



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