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Flying Fish Seafoods has buyers in all of Cornwall’s major markets, giving us comprehensive information on the quality of seafood available each day.

As well as seasonal variations, the standard and availability of seafood is subject to environmental and oceanographic factors, meaning what is preferable to buy can vary from week to week. Our guide will help you choose the very best fish available in our local markets today.

Fish of the Month


half shell scallop




Squids are fast-swimming, predatory molluscs. They locate their prey by sight, and ensnare the victim by shooting out two of their tentacles armed with suckers or hooks. The prey is then killed by a bite from the squid's beak. Squid are fussy eaters, though, and often 'fillet' the meat from a fish in tiny bites and discard the rest. This is partly because their brain surrounds the throat, which makes it risky to swallow sharp or hard objects such as fish bones.


Squid must either be cooked very quickly or for a very long time, otherwise it will be tough. Cooked properly, it will be sweet and tender. Simply grill whole squid quickly or slice it into rings, dip in batter and deep-fry. Larger squid can be stewed with tomatoes, red wine and olive oil. Squid is delicious stuffed, and can be used in paella.


  • landed on the Day boats of Looe Cornwall/Newlyn
  • Full traceability
  • Sizes:  small/medium/large 




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These beautiful little fish has a sweet delicate falvour,its best enjoyed served whole on the bone and dusted in flour. Also Popular as a fillet maybe breaded. 

These fish actually orginate from the Halibut and Plaice family!

Nutrition wise Lemon Soles benifit from vitamin B12 and Phosphorus.

Tips on buying these fish  check first they must have a natural slime to them also bright red gills and bright eyes not sunken. And they should be naturaly stiff.


  • Full traceability 
  • Caught using sustainable methods
  • Available sizes 350-800gm +









There back!!

Mussels are their best in the colder months outside the breeding season, select those with tightly closed shells, avoiding any that are broken. Plump, juicy flesh and a succulent taste of the sea is what you are looking for once they are cooked. Colour is not indicative of quality - orange flesh tells you the mussel is female, while a whiter one suggests a male.



Carefully place the blue-black mussels into a sinkful of cold water and discard any that stay open when tapped. Pull away their beards and, if you are presenting them in their shells scrub. Mussels need very little cooking. Place them in the bottom of a large, heavy-based pan with a small amount of liquid and turn up the heat to steam them. As soon as the shells start gaping open, you know they are ready. Don't overcook them or you'll end up with rubbery flesh. Discard any that fail to open fully. Mussels are delicious with a wide array of flavours.The cooking liquid is half the joy of eating mussels, so have plenty of crusty bread on stand-by for soaking up. Enjoy!




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We tend to buy the bigger wings when buying from the market. They range from 1-2kg wings. You can have these skinned, trimmed or Filleted. With their beautiful texture and no bones this makes the skate a popular choice. Some species also have little black specs in the flesh they look like little tadpoles but these are actually known as 'filaments' which in fact are part of their nervous system. 


Take them skinned and pan fry them in butter and capers for the all time classic dish! 


  • Caught using sustainable methods
  • Full traceability
  • Available sizes 500-1KG 1/2KG 







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This fantastic product has been around for many years very popular in 1990s!

We source these large Monktails from Newlyn harbour and also Looe.

They are a great buy as they only have one small bone running through the middle. It has a wonderful texture of meatiness.

We buy them headless to save you money.

The Monkfish also know as a Anglerfish has a esca  in the centre of its head this acts as a lure to catch its prey normaly eaten whole due to its huge mouth.

  • Delicious texture 
  • Fully traceable
  • Available sizes Medium/Large



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