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Flying Fish Seafoods has buyers in all of Cornwall’s major markets, giving us comprehensive information on the quality of seafood available each day.

As well as seasonal variations, the standard and availability of seafood is subject to environmental and oceanographic factors, meaning what is preferable to buy can vary from week to week. Our guide will help you choose the very best fish available in our local markets today.

Fish of the Month


half shell scallop



Gigha Halibut

The Gigha Halibut is unique.They use a land-based system of aquaculture where the water is pumped straight from the Atlanic and into the tanks.

Gigha Halibut is a result of 20 years of dedicated research and development.

The isle of Gigha surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean was identified as a very suitable site for the ongrowing stage and in 2006 Gigha Halibut was established. Harvesting began in 2007 and the company has been providing premium Atlantic Halibut to the market week in week out since that time.

Halibut don't observe Christmas or go on holiday.They require care and attention 24 hours a day from the moment when they start life as an egg to when they are harvested and despatched to us. 

Increasingly, todays customers wish to know where and how their fish have been raised.The island and the unique system, its a pleasure to tell our customers where the Halibut comes from.

Wild Halibut is now listed as an endangered species.Gigha Halibut offers an alternative source of Halibut which helps reduce the pressure on the endangered wild stocks of Hailbut in the sea.

Gigha Halibut produce less than 200 tonnes of fish each year, that might sound alot, but in the fishing industry its a drop in the ocean.



  • Sizes from 3-5kg and 7-10kg 
  • Full traceability
  • Sustainable



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A firm-textured, sweet-tasting prime flat fish. A great alternative to turbot. Brill has smooth, dark-brown skin with speckles of white, 

Brill season runs from June to Febuary and these fish are not to be missed out on!

Brills roast perfectly on the bone and are great being served as a sharing dish. Try with light asian flavours and boiled rice! Perfect!

  • Full traceability 
  • Caught using sustainable methods
  • Available sizes 1kg - 4kg









Hake can grow up to 1 metre in length and their lifespan can be around 14 years. Seldom caught on inshore fishing grounds, they are found in water ranging in depth from 200-350 metres. All hake species stay nearer the bottom during the day and come to the middle depths during the night. They are voracious predators which feed on other species found near or on the bottom of the sea. When gutted at sea their stomachs are often found stuffed full of small, whole fish. The male and female hake fish look almost the same and are not easily differentiated.

Hake Gill Netting

Gill net boats are restricted naturally to the number of days that they can fish by the height of the tide. The higher the tide (as in a Spring Tide) the more quickly it ebbs and floes - indicated by the tidal co-efficient, the degree to which the tide changes. During bigger tides, the net, fixed to the bottom, is pushed flat by the movement of the water which prevents as many fish from being caught. As a rule, the boats cannot fish when the tide approaches 18ft (5.5metres) - as measured at Newlyn. Bigger tides can also cause the nets to shift and roll up in the process - more work and no gain for the fisherman.

  • Full traceability
  • Caught using sustainable methods
  • MSC certified June 15th 2015
  • Available sizes ranges from 2kg upto 6kg  




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We tend to buy the bigger wings when buying from the market. They range from 1-2kg wings. You can have these skinned, trimmed or Filleted. With their beautiful texture and no bones this makes the skate a popular choice. Some species also have little black specs in the flesh they look like little tadpoles but these are actually known as 'filaments' which in fact are part of their nervous system. 


Take them skinned and pan fry them in butter and capers for the all time classic dish! 


  • Caught using sustainable methods
  • Full traceability
  • Available sizes 500-1KG 1/2KG 







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