When it comes to fish, nowhere is a patch on Cornwall…

We’re so lucky to have the richest and most varied fish and shellfish stocks in the UK, if not the world, right here on our doorstep.

So day after day, night after night, week after week, we use our specialist local knowledge, skill and hard graft to bring you beautiful fish from the ship to your restaurant in 48 hours, or less.


“It takes years to build trust between chef and supplier which then turns into a real partnership. From wanting to do justice to Flying Fish’s hard work and dedication, to making their product shine at our restaurant, they want to supply only the very best product to our kitchen, prime in season and in its absolute peak condition, which in turn makes my job easy!

We only work with the very best produce and we consider Flying Fish one of our very best suppliers.”

Jason Atherton, Pollen Street Social

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