If you are wondering what you have received in you box, look for the slip enclosed and marry up your numbers with the species below to find out more information! If you are still stuck please feel free to give the team a call and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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Look out for the ‘Cornwall Good Seafood Guides’ recommended species and for any more information regarding the species click on their title; 

Fresh Dover Sole for a Flying Fish at Home delivery box

Oval in shape with a rough dark brown skin, a true prime fish most commonly eaten and cooked on the bone.

Rich in flavour the most renowned amongst the small flats!

A sandy skin with a delicate flesh shaped a bit like a rugby ball.

Ideally roasted whole on the bone or stuffed and poached.

Plaice fish from a Flying Fish at Home delivery box

Shaped like a diamond with a green flesh and bright orange spots.

A delicate flavour that lends its self to steaming and roasting.

Known as ‘The King of the Sea’ landed by inshore day boats out of Brixham Harbour.

They are super firm with a stunning flavour, delicate white texture and dark green skin!

A fresh Brill for a Flying Fish at Home delivery box

They are a firm flesh with a brown speckled skin, a stunning subtle flavour and delicate texture.

Perfect alternative to Turbot but equally hold their own!

Also known as “St Peters Fish” due to the spots on the side!

Caught using ‘Demersal Trawl’ this ensures that the fish is caught with as little impact as possible, meaning the fish gets to your table in perfect condition!

Their delicate flavour means this fish is a firm favourite amongst chefs.

Quality Wild Bass Fish from Flying Fish at Home

Beautiful Handline Wild Seabass out of Newlyn Harbour.

Caught using a single ‘hook and line’ means that these fish arrive in the most perfect condition.

A firm and glossy type appearance make these truly one of the greats of the sea!!

Also known as ‘Anglerfish’ these are a deep-sea predator.

Renowned for its versatility, the bright white flesh of Monkfish lends itself to a myriad of different dishes and styles.

Beautiful Day Boat Red Mullet sure sign of summer!

Landed directly into Looe market by a small boat with generations of history, their distinctive yellow stripe makes this fish appear tropical!

Beautiful Day Boat Gurnard landed directly into Looe by a small boat with generations of history.

Daily trips allow these fish to be landed in tip top condition, and still showing off the most amazing tropical like colours, a firm flesh with red skin.

Fresh Cod for a Flying Fish at Home Fish Delivery Box

Renowned for its versatility, the bright white flesh of the ‘Cornish Cod’ lends itself to a selection of different dishes and styles.

The Cod prefer a cooler climate, and the cool waters off Cornish coast make a perfect location for these predatory fish.

These stunners come direct from the Looe market caught by small boats using techniques honed over many years!

By fishing for short periods of time and only handlining these fish, it means they remain in perfect condition to your door!

These monsters of the deep are caught using Gill Nets straight from Newlyn market.

By only selling fish caught with this method the texture of these fish will be firm and full of flavour.

Straight from Newlyn market comes the humble Haddock, commonly used for Fish and Chips however makes a great alternative to Cod or Pollock!!

Caught using ‘Gill Nets’ off the North coast of Cornwall, ensures that these fish stay in perfect condition from the boat to your plate!

Mackerel Fish from Flying Fish at Home

Caught on a handline from a small boat out of Newlyn with generations of history.

The distinctive colouring of the Mackerel brings a real shine and quality to any plate.

The oily nature of the fish makes this one of the most versatile fish simply grilling or pickling brings the taste of Cornwall to your home.

An amazing alternative to the endangered skate.

Diamond shaped and very easy to take off the bone due to having large cartilage instead of bones and long strips of meat.

A highly prized catch for anglers often found in small numbers around the Cornish coast, however can be supplied as a farmed alternative.

Very versatile and a great alternative and more sustainable option to the Wild Seabass.

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David Everitt-Matthias, Le Champignon Sauvage