Our Story

It takes years of hard graft to be able to deliver a perfect service first time and every time.  Flying Fish has been supplying the best seafood in the British Isles to the UK’s best chefs since 2006.

But our founder, Johnny Godden, has been in the business for nearly two decades (longer if you count his first business collecting, cleaning and selling Cuttlefish to pet shops at the young age of 16).

On leaving school, Johnny joined a local seafood supplier. By his mid-twenties he had worked his way up the ranks from filleter to buyer and then onto sales manager. By that point he also had his own ideas on how a business should be run.

He moved to Cornwall to be closer to the source of our beautiful produce and Flying Fish was born.

As a company we care so passionately not only about the quality of fish we supply to our customers, but also how responsibly we source the fish.  In order to do this we have to follow the very highest industry practices to protect the rich and ample stocks we currently enjoy.

Flying Fish offers some of the fastest delivery times available in the industry. Our processes are diligently planned and executed to guarantee optimum freshness for our customers. We make a firm promise to supply the finest fish from ship to plate within 48 hours.

Thanks to hard work and hard-won expertise, we have grown from a one-man band into the company we are today and have now built up an incredible list of customers, including many Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants.

If you’re interested to know more about how we work and what we do, please come and visit us. Our doors are always open.

“Johnny is the best fishmonger I have ever had, without a doubt. Thank you for all your help and advice when needed. If only all suppliers could be as passionate about their products as you are about your fish. Are you sure you aren’t a chef?!”

David Everitt-Matthias, Le Champignon Sauvage