Seafood Range

We are proud to offer you beautiful, flavourful seafood 50 weeks a year, 5 days a week from local Cornish boats and markets like Newlyn and Looe. Caught, expertly prepared and shipped to order from nature’s menu.

Beautiful Lemon Sole and Brill in the summer. Exceptional Cuttlefish or Wild Bass in winter. All prepared to your exact specifications.

Take a look at what’s available below or click through to browse our seasonal chart.


Succulent Shellfish too

River Fowey Mussels? Lyme Bay Scallops or fabulous Cornish Lobster? We have the best there is from Cornwall and Scotland.

Live Crabs and Lobsters are brought straight from the ship to the specially constructed seawater tanks at Flying Fish HQ. We keep them happy, healthy and in perfect condition. Any older or larger Lobsters that are accidentally caught are put back in the sea or donated to Plymouth Aquarium.


Fresh From the Fisheries

Added to the ebb and flow of the seasonal menu, you can order delicious, ethically farmed salmon and much more. Rest assured that we’ve diligently researched every supplier for our peace of mind and to give you full traceability.

The Range

Fish Species Weights Available Need to Order
Line Caught Wild Seabass 500/1kg : 1/2kg : 2/3kg : 3kg+
Black Bream 500/1kg : 1/2kg
Brill 1/2kg : 2/3kg
Cod 1/2kg : 2/4kg : 4/6kg : 6kg+
Conger YES
Dover Sole 400/550g : 550/670g : 670/800g
Dabs  YES
Dog Fish (Huss/Rock Salmon)
Flounder ( Fluke )  YES
Grey Mullet 500/1kg : 1/2kg
Gurnard 500/1kg : 1/2kg
Haddock 500/750g : 750/1kg :1/2kg
Hake 500/1kg : 1/2kg : 2/3kg : 4kg+
Halibut 500/1kg : 1/2kg : 2/4kg : 4/8kg 8/12kg : 20/30kg : 30/50kg : 50kg+
John Dory 200/300g : 350/500g : 500/1kg : 1/2kg : 2/3kg : 3kg+
Lemon Sole small : 350/450g : 450/600g : large
Ling 1/2kg : 2/4kg : 4/6kg : 6kg+
Handline Mackerel small : medium : large
Megrim 350/450g : 450/600g : 600g+
Monkfish 200/500g : 500/1kg : 1/2kg : 2/4kg : 4kg+
Plaice 200/350g : 350/450g : 450/600g : 600/1kg : 1/2kg
Pollack 500/1kg : 1/2kg : 2/3kg : 3/5kg : 5kg+
Pouting YES
Pink Bream 500/1kg : 1/2kg YES
Ray Wing 500/1kg : 1/2kg : 2/3kg : 3kg+
Skate Wing 500/1kg : 1/2kg : 2/3kg : 3kg+
Sand Sole 350g : 350/450g : 450g+
Squid small : medium : large
Wild Salmon  3/4kg : 4/5kg YES
Wild Sea Trout  2/3kg : 3/4kg YES
Stone Bass
Sashimi Tuna
Turbot 500/1kg : 1/2kg : 2/4kg : 4/6kg : 6kg +
White Bait YES
Whiting small : medium : large
Witches 200/350g : 350/450g : 450/600g : large  YES
Fish Species Weights Available Need to Order
Mussels Wild
Native Oyster YES
Palourde Clams
Razor Clams
Rock Oyster
Scallops live in shell
Scallops meats cut
Sea Urchin YES
Soft Shell Crab
Spider Crab YES
Surf Clams
Whelks YES
Winkles YES
Fish Species Weights Available Need to Order
Seabass 300/400g : 400/600g : 600/800g : 800/1kg : 1/2kg : 2/3kg : 3/4kg
Gilt Head Bream 300/400g : 400/600g : 600/800g : 800/1kg : 1/2kg
Halibut 1/3kg : 3/5kg : 5/7kg : 7/10kg
Salmon Superior
Salmon Organic
Salmon Blue Chip (low intensity farmed)
Loch Duart (low intensity farmed)
Rainbow Trout  YES
Farmed Sea Trout
Fish Species Weights Available Need to Order
Smoked Salmon Long Sliced
Smoked Salmon D- Sliced Tails Raw
Smoked Salmon Un-Sliced
Hot Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon Trimmings
Smoked Mackerel Fillets
Smoked Mackerel Whole  YES
Smoked Eel Whole
Smoked Trout Fillets
Smoked Haddock Natural
Smoked Cod Natural YES
Smoked Cod Roe
Whole Kippers
Fish Species Weights Available Need to Order
Baluga Caviar (Huso huso) YES
Oscietra Caviar (Acipenser gueldenstaedti) 50g
Sevruga Caviar (Acipenser stellatus) YES
Avruga 100g
Red Lumpfish Roe 100g
Black Lumpfish Roe 100g
Keta 100g
Trout Roe 100g
Crayfish tails in brine 1.5kg net
Prawns in brine 1.5kg net
Cooked Peeled Brown Shrimp 100g : 1kg
Marsh Samphire 500g
Rock Samphire 500g
Sea Aster 500g
Wild Sea Spinach 500g
Sea Purslane 500g
Sea Lettuce 500g
Red Dulse 500g
Sea Spaghetti 500g
Kombu 500g YES
Salty Fingers 500g YES
Squid Ink 500g
Fish Species Weights Available Need to Order
Whole Raw Black Tiger Prawns 6/8 per box per kg
8/12 per box per kg
13/15 per box per kg
16/20 per box per kg
21/30 per box per kg
Black Tiger Prawn Tails Raw 8/12 count 908g bag
11/15 count 908g bag
16/20 count 908g bag
Peeled & De-veined Black Tiger Prawn Raw 13/15 count 908g bag
16/20 count 908g bag
21/30 count 908g bag
31/40 count 908g bag
Cooked Crevettes 20/30 per box per 2kg
30/40 per box per 2kg
Cooked peeled Tiger Prawns 31/40 per bag
Shell On Cooked Prawn 90/120 per kg x 5kg
Cooked Peeled Cocktail Prawns 2.5kg
Royal Greenland Cooked peeled prawns 446 x 2.5kg
Breaded Whole Tail Scampi
Frozen Langoustine 1kg
Mussel Meat 1lb
Clam Meat 1kg
Whitebait 1lb
Blanchbait (breaded) 1lb
Individual Frozen Fillets
8/10oz Cod 4.54kg
6/8oz Cod 4.54kg
10/12oz Haddock 4.54kg
8/10oz Haddock 4.54kg
6/8oz Haddock 4.54kg
10/12oz Plaice 4.54kg
5/7oz Pollack 4.54kg

“We’ve been using Flying Fish for a number of years now. Their experience and understanding of the seasons, fish markets and chef requirements makes them ideal partners for The Hand and Flowers. The high standard of fish we receive on a daily basis from the Cornish day boats is outstanding and is an essential part of the produce driven menu that we have here at the pub”

Tom Kerridge, The Hand and Flowers
Wishing you all a Happy New Year.


Due to the new tier restrictions taking place country wide we have had to make the difficult decision that we will not be opening the business as planned on the 4th of January.


We will instead be monitoring the tier systems, when they look like they will be eased we will look at setting a date for reopening the business.  Please bear with us. This is a horrible but unprecedented time, and will be taking this opportunity to carry out some needed refurbishment to the factory to continue our search for perfection. Your support as always has been incredible and for this we are truly humbled. We can’t wait to get back to it and servicing you with the best that Cornwall has to offer.


Our best wishes go out to you and your teams and look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care and stay safe.

Johnny and the Flying Fish Team