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The fruits of the ocean change day by day, week by week. Browse below or give us a call and we’ll guide you personally through what to buy now and what to buy next.


Fish of the week

Cornish Monkfish Tails

Range in sizes of 250gs - 4-5kg!


Fully traceable

These deep sea anglers some times referred to as “all mouth” and “sea devils” are not the prettiest fish of the lot, but what they lack in looks they most definitely make up for in flavour.

Dense, sweet, firm flesh; monkfish tails are delicious and robust enough to stand up to any preparation or cooking style.

Our Cornish Day Boat Demersal Trawlers and Gill Netters are landing a plethora of sizes. From small males to colossal females grossing tails of up to 5 Kilos!

This sustainable species truly has a size to suit all.

Click the link below to find out what the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide has to say about Cornish Monkfish!! 

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Cornish ‘Wild Seabass’

Mainly landed in Brixham

Fully traceable

Available in from in all sizes up to 4KG!

‘The King of the Sea’

Wild sea bass is prized for it’s fine, delicate flavour and deliciously firm but flaky flesh.

The best Choice for sustainability is Cornish ‘Line Caught’ Seabass which are landed by licenced commercial fishermen who use hooks and lines to catch premium quality fish.

This is a selective method which has minimal effect on seabed habitats and other species.

Click the logo below to find Wild Seabass on the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide!!


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Whole Local Plaice

Fully Traceable

Mainly landed in Brixham market

Available in sizes from 300gs to 2KG+!

Versatile in style and absolutely delicious. This olive-green flatfish with bright orange freckles, is hitting its seasonal best this time of year.

Landing in an abundance of sizes, from the perfect whole fish serving for one, to jumbos ideal sharing plates and chucky white fillets.

Bottom feeders feasting on small fish crabs and worm, Plaice are a top catch for the beam and demersal trawling vessels fishing the rich Westcountry waters, also showing up in a netter haul every so often.

These sustainable fishing practices are what is keeping the plaice stocks bumper and our country’s kitchens laden with quality fish for years to come.

Click the logo below to see what the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide has to say!


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Cornish ‘Line Caught’ Mackerel

Fully Traceable

Caught using sustainable methods

Available sizes range from 200g to 400g Plus!

We are lucky enough to have dedicated local fisherman who supply us with some beautiful Cornish Mackerel.

Based in Mevagissey, he has a small day boat, using hook line and also gill nets to capture them.

A relation to Tuna, Mackerel is best eaten when super fresh.. like ours! Delivered from ship to plate in 48 hours!

Click the logo below to read all about Cornish Mackerel!!

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“We’ve been using Flying Fish for a number of years now. Their experience and understanding of the seasons, fish markets and chef requirements makes them ideal partners for The Hand and Flowers. The high standard of fish we receive on a daily basis from the Cornish day boats is outstanding and is an essential part of the produce driven menu that we have here at the pub”

Tom Kerridge, The Hand and Flowers