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The fruits of the ocean change day by day, week by week. Browse below or give us a call and we’ll guide you personally through what to buy now and what to buy next.


Fish of the week

St Austell Bay Mussels

Can be bought in Nets of 2 Kilo or 5 Kilo.

Fully sustainable

Fully traceable

Our Mussels are one of the most consistent and prized assists we stock.

Supplied from ‘St Austell Bay’ only ten miles away and grown in the nutrient rich gulf stream, these Mussels are suspended off the sea floor creating a clean shelled and deliciously plump Mussel.

Over the years the growth of the mussels has created a marine aqua culture in the area, and now the waters are teaming with creatures and sea life.

They require little to no prep and are quite simply one of the most beautiful products the Cornish coast can provide.

Click the link below to find out what the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide has to say about Cornish Mussels!! 

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Large ‘Salcombe Bay’ Crabs


Fully traceable

Available in from 1-2kg!

These living tanks of the sea can reach monstrous sizes in the sheltered bay South of Devon. They are fished exclusively with pots, arguably the most sustainable form of fishing.

With their unique rich flavour, the edible Brown Crab can improve a dish with a relatively small amount of its meat. Often overlooked for the more expensive Lobster, Crab is a must for all diehard seafood fans.

We recommend following the RSPCA’s preferred method of despatch which involves stunning the crab in the freezer prior cooking.

Click the logo below to find Crab’s on the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide!!


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Cornish ‘Day Boat’ Squid


Mainly landed in Looe market

Available in sizes from baby to Large

Looe ‘Day Boat’ has been providing us with some fantastic Squid.

They enjoy the cold waters and are fast growing creatures making them a great sustainable option for your menus.

Handline is the most common capture method, also known as ‘Jigging’ for squid.

This is done just off shore and has little impact on other sea creatures or species, producing a fine quality and fresh catch. 

Click the logo below to see what the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide has to say!


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Cornish ‘Line Caught’ Mackerel

Fully Traceable

Caught using sustainable methods

Available sizes range from 200g to 400g Plus!

We are lucky enough to have dedicated local fisherman who supply us with some beautiful Cornish Mackerel.

Based in Mevagissey, he has a small day boat, using hook line and also gill nets to capture them.

A relation to Tuna, Mackerel is best eaten when super fresh.. like ours! Delivered from ship to plate in 48 hours!

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“I met Johnny as his first customer in Cornwall.  From that moment, he has not only been the most incredible fish merchant I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, but also a great friend  and an inspiration.  His knowledge for all things fish and general outlook on life, makes me smile”

Paul Ainsworth, No.6 & Rojano’s in the Square