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The fruits of the ocean change day by day, week by week. Browse Cornwall Good Seafood Guides recommended list below or give us a call and we’ll guide you personally through what to buy now and what to buy next.

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Fish of the week

Cornish Plaice

Range in sizes of 450-2kg!


Fully traceable

Another tell tale sign of spring when these large Plaice show their faces.

During the winter months they come in shore to spawn so become heavily filled with roe. All of the energy these fish have go into producing their roe so once it’s been shot in early spring the fish become paper thin.

Now in as spring draws in they are at their prime big and fat and perfect for Tronçon.

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Cornish Brill

Mainly landed in Plymouth

Sustainable and fully traceable

Available in from in all sizes from 1kg - 4kg

A once forgotten fish that makes an amazing alternative to Turbot and now highly regarded in its own right.

Brill are a relatively fast growing species and a full grown female becomes fully mature at 4 years old.  The main catchment method is via ‘Demersal Trawl’ which is sometimes known as ‘Otter Trawling’, whereby a the net is run across the seabed rather than a large beam used in ‘Beam Trawling’

Firm and Meaty in texture they are very robust and can take a lot of flavor

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Cornish Pot Caught Native Lobsters

Fully Traceable


Sizes from 400 to 1kg+

Lobster season is upon us, and in the following months they will become extremely plentiful around the Cornish Coast. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with many Lobster fisherman from both the North and South Coast of Cornwall.

Catching Lobsters via pots allows the fisherman to measure the Lobsters and throw back any berried or anything undersized. By following these guidelines, Cornish Lobsters come rated by our partners ‘The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide’ as a recommended species and the stock levels in Cornwall have remained at a sustainable level for a number of years.

Methods of fishing like these are vital in keeping a rich and plentiful stock in our waters and will naturally allow our children’s children to enjoy these magical creatures for many years to come.

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Cornish Mackerel

Fully Traceable

Caught using sustainable methods

Rich in Omega 3

Caught on a handline from a small boat out of Newlyn with generations of history.

The distinctive colouring of the Mackerel brings a real shine and quality to any plate.

The oily nature of the fish makes this one of the most versatile fish on you menu, simply grilling or pickling brings the taste of Cornwall to your restaurant.

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