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The fruits of the ocean change day by day, week by week. Browse Cornwall Good Seafood Guides recommended list below or give us a call and we’ll guide you personally through what to buy now and what to buy next.

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Fish of the week

St Austell Bay Mussels

Comes in bags of either 2kg or 5kg!

Fully Sustainable

Fully traceable

Grown offshore, the Deep Sea Mussels strive in the rich Gulf Stream around the Cornish coast. A pioneering way of growing Mussels means that they have inadvertently created a brand new ecosystem for other sea creatures to live.

The clean water and nutrients in these waters ensure a perfect growing environment for the Mussels and other species of fish to thrive. After three years of patiently waiting the results are fantastic.

The chosen area created impeccably large meats with beautiful clean black shells, with a perfectly distinct flavour, quite simply the best the Cornish coast has to offer, and to top it off comes highly sustainable on the @cornwallgoodseafoodguide scoring list!

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Cornish Sardines ‘Pilchards’

Landed in Newlyn

Sustainable and fully traceable!

Available almost daily!

Areas of Cornwall have relied on Pilchard fishing in order to grow and sustain their communities for years. After the industry slowed down, a rebrand was carried out and the Pilchards were renamed the Cornish Sardine.

Caught using a Seine net in Mounts Bay, the boats go out late at night to track the shoal of sardines gathering in their nets and selecting the amount needed for the mornings market and then returning the rest to fight another day.

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Cornish Pot Caught Lobsters

Caught using sustainable techniques

Recommended by the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide

Sizes from 400g to 1kg+

Catching Lobsters via pots allows the fisherman to measure the Lobsters and throw back any berried or anything undersized. By following these guidelines, Cornish Lobsters come rated by our partners ‘The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide’ as a recommended species and the stock levels in Cornwall have remained at a sustainable level for a number of years.

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Cornish Red Gurnard

Fully Traceable

Caught using sustainable methods

Range in sizes from 500G - 3KG

a once forgotten fish mainly used as bait by fisherman or the base of a good soup, now regarded in its own right as great meaty fish that takes centre stage.

They are now fortunate enough to come recommended by the @cornwallgoodseafoodguide as a sustainable fishery in Cornwall..

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“Flying Fish supply The Waterside Inn with the best fish off the Cornish Coast. Fresh, sustainable and seasonal produce delivered in the most ethical way possible”

Fabrice Uhryn, The Waterside Inn