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Fish of the week

Whole Cornish Brill

Sizes from 1 - 4 Kilo!

Locally Landed

Sweet Flavoured and Delicate

Brill are large flat fish caught in the South West Atlantic. A close relative of the Turbot family, their taste, texture and even appearance are sometimes confused.

Landed by small day boats mainly in Looe and Brixham market the common size for Brill is between 2-3 Kilos.

Cornish Brill stocks are strong in our waters and is not only fantastic tasting but also a fully sustainable menu choice!

Ours are ‘Net Caught’ a method where nets are anchored to the sea bed capturing targeted species by their gills.

This technique of ‘Gill Netting’ enables smaller species and juvenile fish to swim through unharmed.

Click the link below to find out what the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide has to say about Brill!! 

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Large ‘Salcombe Bay’ Crabs


Fully traceable

Available in from 1-2kg!

These living tanks of the sea can reach monstrous sizes in the sheltered bay South of Devon. They are fished exclusively with pots, arguably the most sustainable form of fishing.

With their unique rich flavour, the edible Brown Crab can improve a dish with a relatively small amount of its meat. Often overlooked for the more expensive Lobster, Crab is a must for all diehard seafood fans.

We recommend following the RSPCA’s preferred method of despatch which involves stunning the crab in the freezer prior cooking.

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Cornish Monkfish Tails

High meat yield

Mainly landed in Looe market

Available sizes ranging from 250grams up to 4 kilo plus!

Monk or Anglerfish, is a seabed ambush hunter that may not be the best looker in the ocean, but certainly turns out to be one of the tastiest and most versatile fish in the sea!

The Cornish/Devon coast is arguably the best fishing grounds in the UK for the specie. Best examples are always caught by short trip small day boats and during the autumn it lands as best as it can be!

“Tails” go to the market ranging from 250 grams up to 4 kilos, so there is a size that can fit the dish you want to create!

Click the logo below to see what the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide has to say!


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Cornish Cod

Fully Traceable

Caught using sustainable methods

Available sizes range from 5 to 10 kilo Plus!

Line Caught Cornish Cod comes into its own this time of year! They prefer colder waters and the Cornish coast are a perfect environment for them to thrive. 

In recent years the ‘Trevose Box’ has come into action by local fisherman, banning all fishing in an area off the North coast of Cornwall during the early spring. This gives the fish more of a chance to reproduce and spawn.

The method of rod and line is the most sustainable capture method and also allows for the fish to be landed in the best possible condition!

The bright white, flaky flesh of Cod works well with many different cooking styles and flavours, a perfect edition to any menu!

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“The Ledbury has been working with flying fish for over a decade. The quality of their fish and shellfish is outstanding. They not only understand how important consistency is but also about how the treatment of the fish plays a big part in the end product. The Service is as good as it gets and they can never do enough to help us. Johnny and the team are an essential part of our team and working with them is a privilege.”

Brett Graham, The Ledbury